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About Kathryn Furniss

Kathryn resides in Nelson with her husband where they raised their two sons.

Bought up by an artistic father she was encouraged to explore her natural creative abilities from an early age.

As a self-taught artist, she draws her inspiration from the pacific landscape, fauna, flora, and native birds.

Painting in acrylic and ink her style involves the building up of many layers 

Starting with loose abstract washes with the final brush strokes more controlled and detailed,

"I use birds to tell stories or portray feelings, the shadow birds connecting the past with the present, being a spirit, past loved one or guardian of the other.

Upright paddles stand for protection and safety, boats and oars representing arrival from and traveling to far off places we have been, whether in reality or in our dreams".

In the past 18 years, Kathryn has had numerous successful exhibitions throughout New Zealand and internationally.

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